Thursday, February 12, 2009

Surgery Update

On February 3rd I underwent radial nerve entrapment surgery on my left arm. This is a condition caused by years of keyboarding and is very rare, according to my surgeon who treats a case every 2-3 years. More often, computer use complications rise up in the wrist in the form of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Yesterday at my post op appointment the nurse removed my bandages to reveal what appeared to be a giant seven inch caterpillar snaking its way across my inner arm. Dr. Rice approved the removal of the twenty-five silver clips holding my skin together but sternly restricted my activities for the next three months: No sewing, no scrap booking, no piano playing, no housework or lifting and no keyboarding except for my modified right handed hunt and peck approach.

So, cleared to drive again I went to my favorite store, Super Target, to pick up meds and a few grocery items. It must have been quite amusing to observe my journey down the aisles as I pushed the cart with my right hand and left foot, but I got it done and made it safely home.

Today I got up with Ray and after breakfast and morning prayers he left for work and I began to face the realization that my life was about to become terribly boring and predictable. Thank God for my good right hand which will allow some semblance of normality.

Headlines in the morning paper included a plea for community volunteers to work with the San Bernerdino County Sherif'f's Department in the Citizens On Patrol program. Perhaps my life won’t be boring and predictable after all!

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  1. Oh, what ever... You as a citizen on patrol. Come on Ray would flip before he agreed to have is princess out there with the bad guys!!! wink!! LOVE YOU TONS!!