Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Big Thaw

Okay, so the stitches have come out and I am on the mend! But, on the mend with limitations. I have been instructed to refrain from using my left arm for such things as cutting, slicing, dicing, moving, pushing, lifting, and keyboarding (to name a few)...for at least the next 3 months.

Therefore, I am having to be very creative when searching for ways to occupy my time. When I returned home today from my daily pilgrimage to my Super Target I entered the kitchen to be greeted by an awful mess that I instantly assumed the dogs had created for me. Upon further investigation, however, I discovered that the freezer on our side-byside refrigerator had gone out and the mess on the floor was from defrosted and melted food items! (Imagine cleaning that up with one hand!)

As I cleaned the floor and emptied the freezer into trash bags, I and said a silent prayer of thanksgiving for the extended warranty we purchased a couple of weeks ago. Then I called for a repair appointment which is 6 days out. The really good news is this: My floor is clean, the animals are still "good dogs," and the warranty will reimburse $250.00 for food loss.

Ray and I have decided to limit our dining out experiences to Friday night dates, Saturday outings and after church breakfasts. Therefore, my new challenge is to locate something in the house that survived the big thaw!

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