Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Heard A Sermon The Other Day

I heard a sermon the other day that made me lie awake when I went to bed.

When someone is surrounded by a fire, all they can think of is how wonderful a drop of water would be. But, nobody is there to provide it in spite of the fact that buckets full of the wonderful liquid is all around, just out of reach.

When a person is not a Christian (or not living a Christ like life) it is as if he is surrounded by a fire that will eventually consume him. All he needs is someone to offer him the drop of water that is the gospel, but nobody is there to provide it in spite of the fact that Christians surround him, just out of reach.

I thought about this simple message all day. Then, when I laid down and closed my eyes an image popped up. I saw family members, coworkers, students and people I did not know standing in a field surrounded by a fire. Each of them were looking into my eyes saying, " You were my mother, friend, mentor or neighbor and you never once offered me a simple drop."

If you are reading this, please take a minute to reflect on the fact that God loves you and wants you call on Him for guidance, love and salvation. If you are at a place that needs repentance, He is there with open arms. It is impossible to understand His great love and power, but I know He has a plan for us and He wants us to return to Him someday. He sent His son, Jesus Christ to make that possible.

By posting this, I am attempting to offer you the drop that may get you back on track, or even change your life. If you need to talk or learn more, please call or post your concerns and I will get back with you. God bless.


  1. Thanks for sharing. That was lovely!!! Love you!

  2. Wow Evelyn this is a really beautiful message. My heart feels the same way. Hopefully this Summer the Lord will plant seeds in the hearts of the people i come across, and that they would recieve salvation as well. AMEN! =)